Monthly Archives: February 2017

Wedding Planners Are Essential

We as humans, all know it is part of life to we seek out a specialist in our daily lives based on education, affordability and quality of service. So shouldn’t it be the same for hiring a wedding planner? The majority of couples that come to us are paying for the wedding themselves, both have…
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Bridesmaid Etiquette

It’s truly an honor to be invited to be an integral part of a wedding party. However, there seems to be a large portion of bridesmaids that are unclear of their role in the special day of their loved one. And it also seems that the majority of brides and bridesmaids alike are in need…
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It’s All About Color!

When you close your eyes, how do you picture your wedding? I have some brides that have envisioned every detail down to the shade of lipstick they will wear for their special day.  Many brides, however, find themselves a bit overwhelmed in the beginning stages of the planning process because there is such a multitude…
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Wedding Day Bridal Checklist

 This helpful list is a wonderful way to assure you'll have all necessary items for the "Big Day"! I've found it best for brides to start collecting all items below 30 days prior to their wedding date so it will be one less detail to deal with in the weeks leading up to your wedding.…
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