Benefits Of Full Service Wedding Planning vs Partial-Day Of

Benefits Of  Full Service Wedding Planning vs Partial-Day Of We hear countless times a week.. "All I need is a day of planner... " Let's clarify some things shall we? I'd like to take some time to explain the invaluable benefits of working with a Full Service Wedding Planner. Many brides know from the beginning…
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Heather & Chuck Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Charleston S.C.

  We're so excited to share our couples wedding blog from our peeps at The Wedding Row! It’s confirmed: Heather and Chuck absolutely let the dogs out. The pet lovers (and now newlyweds) met back in Gainesville, Florida, while in veterinary school. Chuck was getting his PhD in animal nutrition, and Heather was in her…
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Hilary and Rob The William Aiken House Charleston S.C.

"We had a blast in Charleston eating all the seafood and shooting all the wedding photos for Hilary and Rob. The dress was a stunna, the venue was gorge, the weather was perfect and the band kept the party going all night long. Hilary and Rob know how to wedding!" As said by Photographer Kelley…
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Plan Your Budget Charleston Wedding For Under $20,000

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Charleston, SC for Under $20,000 Have you always dreamed of getting married in Charleston, SC, but you start to look and just give-up because...WOW it's expensive!? I feel ya girl, but I'm here to tell you that it can be done! And actually, it can be done for under $20,000!…
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