Newly Engaged, Now What?!

Tis the season for family, friends and celebrations.  The perfect time for the ultimate gift… a marriage proposal!  And there will be quite a few of those as always.  Here in the popular wedding destination of Charleston SC, that means the race is on to find the perfect date, venue and vendors, adding stress to…
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Budgeting Right: Keep These Tips in Mind for Your Wedding

Greetings from all of us at Charleston Wedding Planner! If you’ve spent even one second thinking about having a wedding, then your wallet probably already hurts. Please remember the below amounts averages are based on surveys, not what  YOU have set aside for your Charleston SC wedding celebration .Weddings these days are expensive—sometimes wildly so The rising…
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Benefits Of Full Service Wedding Planning vs Partial-Day Of

Benefits Of  Full Service Wedding Planning vs Partial-Day Of We hear countless times a week.. "All I need is a day of planner... " Let's clarify some things shall we? I'd like to take some time to explain the invaluable benefits of working with a Full Service Wedding Planner. Many brides know from the beginning…
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Heather & Chuck Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Charleston S.C.

  We're so excited to share our couples wedding blog from our peeps at The Wedding Row! It’s confirmed: Heather and Chuck absolutely let the dogs out. The pet lovers (and now newlyweds) met back in Gainesville, Florida, while in veterinary school. Chuck was getting his PhD in animal nutrition, and Heather was in her…
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