Wedding Day Survival Kit

The months of planning leading up to the wedding can be stressful enough without having to worry about all of the minor details that materialize come the actual day. Bridesmaids and personal attendants can be life-savers just by throwing together a few small things to have at your disposal need to any sort of situation arisen.

But something else to keep in mind: This is your day! If something small does come up, don’t sweat it. Today is too special to worry about things that are beyond your control, but, as they say, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared! The bride’s emergency kit is a bag of wedding day necessities as well as emergency items you hope you don’t need, but would be in a bind if you didn’t have.

In general, it is left in the bride’s dressing/changing room for easy access at the wedding site and is assigned to a mother, bridesmaid, or guest to bring to the reception. The items can be kept in a duffle bag, large purse, plastic bag, etc.

Here is a list of suggested items to include in the bride’s emergency kit. Hopefully you will not need to use most of these things on your wedding day!

Breathe Mints
Get your mouth ready for that first smooch with mini mints.

Stop tweezing me… never! From stray hairs to clumped lashes, you’ll never know when they’ll come in handy.

Blotting Papers
Your makeup artist will know how to keep shininess at bay, but it doesn’t hurt to have some oil-absorbing sheets if your nerves are causing some excess sweatiness.

Individual Tissues Packs
Keep handy for dabbing away happy tears you can slip these in the Mother of the Bride’s hands before she goes down the aisle, or give one pack to a set of bridesmaids to distribute.

Hair Spray
Your hairstylist likely can’t follow you around all night, so splurge on a high-quality formula to make sure your ‘do stays put.

Face Mist
One spritz of a high-quality face mist or makeup setter can do wonders—not only does it feel refreshing and calming for your skin, but it can help your makeup stay put too.

Fashion Tape
Fashion tape is a perfect quick fix for falling hemlines (and plunging necklines).

Dental Floss
That rogue piece of spinach stuck in your teeth doesn’t stand a chance.

Extra Toothbrushes
If those appetizers had an herb that got caught in your teeth, or if you forgot yours at home, we have new ones with us at all times so you can have fresh breath and a white smile!

Sewing Kit
Your sewing kit could turn out to be your strongest ally in the fight against the elements on your wedding day. Make sure this includes sewing needles, safety pins, a small pair of scissors, hem tape and thread in colors matching your wedding dress as well as the bridesmaids dresses and groom/groomsmen apparel. The kit will come in handy if you come across snags and tear, or find any loose threads. Speaking from personal wedding day experience, safety pins come in handy for keeping everything in place as it should be — from ill-fitting dresses to undesirable undergarment appearances.

Clear Nail Polish/Super Glue
An old trick for stopping runs in nylons and tights requires the use of clear nail polish. Try to get a quick coat on immediately after you find the tear—this will prevent the tights from running further. The super glue might come in handy for fixing broken shoes, jewelry, or other miscellaneous defective accessories. A few words of caution: Don’t confuse the two! You won’t want super glue sticking to your stockings and skin.

Bottle of Water/Granola Bar/Other Snacks
Sometimes with all of the wedding day excitement and jitters, brides have been known to forget about and/or skimp on meals before vow time. Although you probably don’t want to get too filled up on snacks before your ceremony and reception dinner, it’s a good idea to have water and some food item on hand so you don’t have to worry about fainting or feeling sick before and during the ceremony. Hydration is always key, but a small snack—such as a granola or protein bar—will also help keep your blood sugar level and won’t have you feeling lightheaded or ill.

Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Comb/Hairspray
You know your girls have your back when they stop at nothing to make sure you have perfect wedding hair. With pre-ceremony rituals like photos (often outdoors), veils, headpieces, hugging friends and family, or hair getting stuck to the face via sweat or tears, you’re definitely going to want something to keep every hair flawlessly in place.

Lipstick/Other Makeup
As those aforementioned unexpected wedding day twists begin to manifest, you’re going to be glad you have some makeup in your survival kit for touchups. Lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner, foundation: These entire have the ability to smudge or run, and you’ll want to be photo-ready when the opportunities arise—and you know they will. It’s also not a bad idea to have a drinking straw handy to avoid smudging or wearing off lipstick when you’re trying to hydrate.

Ibuprofen/OTC Pain Medications/Band-Aids
Headaches and other body pains sometimes strike when you least expect them to—and they won’t hold off just because it’s your wedding day. It’s a good idea to carry around some pain relievers in case someone in the bridal party is feeling a little under the weather. Band-Aids are good to have, too, in case shoes are causing blisters or if someone encounters a small cut or scrape.

Body Spray/Perfume/Deodorant
Assuming you want to smell as great as you look, throw some deodorant and your favorite perfume into your kit.

In today’s day and age, most of us won’t be caught dead without our cellphones—even at our weddings. Someone should have the bride’s phone charged and ready to pull out in case of emergencies or even just to snap a photo or two. Although the wedding photographer should have the photo situation under control, it’s always fun to capture a few candid’s. Just in case, someone should also have some cash on them. What better place than your emergency kit?

Phone Chargers (labeled!)
These are hot commodities on the wedding day! Someone almost always forgets theirs. Be sure to pack an iPhone charger and an Android charger. Make sure you label it with your business name so that no one mistakes it for their own at the end of the night! They aren’t super fun to replace.

Because you’re a woman—and because you just never know—having female sanitary supplies can mean life or death. (OK, maybe that’s extreme, but you get it!) You just might be the most popular female at the party if you’ve got a good supply.

Portable Steamer
From creased linens to wrinkled bridesmaids dresses, you never know what will need to be steamed on the wedding day.

Ivory and White Ribbon
Ribbon is great for tying back draping, wrapping a wayward bouquet, or securing linen on a cocktail table…

Stain Remover Pens/Cloths
When you have to look your best, spills and stains can put a damper on your day! I keep stain pens and disposable cloths handy in case of any “oops” moments. These are best for the men and the bridesmaids. I wouldn’t suggest taking a Tide-to-go pen to a wedding gown – they are made with delicate fabrics and you wouldn’t want to mess her gown up.

Mini Sewing Kit
I have had a lot of buttons pop off of groom and groomsmen attire, and I have also had to sew a wacky bridal belt in place so that it lay smooth and repair gown pickups that got pulled out from someone stepping on the bottom of the wedding down. Sewing kits are crucial when these blunders happen if you have the time to sew them up!

Archival Ink Pens/Sharpie Pens
Because your guest book is a keepsake, you want the pens you use for the guest book to stay on the page and not fade! In the event you forget yours (or yours don’t work on the wedding day), we bring some for you.

Box Cutter/Packing Tape
Part of our job includes setting up and then packing up all of the personal items the couple is using on the wedding day. If those items came in boxes or were packaged up, we will need to open them quickly during set-up using the box cutter, and then pack them up securely using the packing tape and label the boxes with the contents at the end of the night. It is a great practice to label these boxes so the couple knows exactly what you have packed up for them and you can keep track when you are sleepy and tired after a long day on your feet! You can also use the packing tape to repair broken boxes!

Large Golf Umbrella + Clear Umbrella
The golf umbrella is so large that it comes in handy when trying to get the bride or groom from point A to point B during a rain shower! The clear umbrella is much prettier for photos or a ceremony during the rain.

The South is notorious for surprise rain showers. This tarp can not only be thrown over something (or someone) in a pinch, but it can also be placed on soggy grass during portraits so the bride doesn’t ruin her dress

If you get a scuff or stain on your dress, chalk can help disguise it in photos and cover it up for the day without ruining the dress! It is also easy to remove when you get it cleaned and preserved – it won’t damage the dress permanently.

Clear Nail Polish
Clear nail polish can help smooth over a chip in your nail or fix a run in your hose!

When your lips have been perfectly tinted and glossed, but you still need to stay hydrated (ahem… drink your mimosa), reach for a straw to preserve your pout! We keep them in our kit so you and your bridesmaids will not risk a makeup mishap.

Hem Tape
At a recent wedding, the groom’s hem came out of his suit right before the first look! Rather than whip out the sewing kit (we didn’t have time!), hem tape is a quick fix that will look great and last on the day of the wedding.

In case of a power outage, a flashlight is helpful for navigating a space (or if the storage closet where I am keeping your boxes doesn’t have a light)! Another great use? Setting up a sparkler exit in the dark!

Floral Styling Accessories (shears, wire, wire cutters, tape)
Once your florist sets up and leaves, I keep these things on hand in case something needs to be fixed. I have used them to fix chair flowers, trim bridesmaids bouquets that didn’t fit in the vases on the guest tables, and made a makeshift boutonniere and floral crown with these babies!

Chalk pens
On multiple occasions, I have had couples bring little mirrors or chalk boards to the wedding to make signs for things like “cards and gifts” or the sparkler send-off, but no chalk pens to write on them. These also come in handy for last minute changes on your guest seating chart.

Zip Ties
These have been used in the past for tying back drapes, attaching greenery to a sign, securing bouquets that start to fall apart, or attaching a sign to a staircase that broke!

Multiple Lighters
When you are responsible for lighting hundreds of candles, you never know when your lighter is going to run out of fluid! Always bring back ups so you will still be able to light up those sparklers at the end of the night!

Happy Beginnings,


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