Eco Friendly- Green Wedding Ideas

Eco Friendly- Green Wedding Ideas

As a local Eco-Friendly -Green Wedding Idea advocate, we hop on the opportunity to share and take advantage of all Eco-Friendly-Green Wedding Ideas

Conserve trees (and cost!) on invitations by minimizing paper – print double-sided, use a postcard response card, and point guests to your wedding website for detailed directions and registry info. Use recycled paper or go au natural with seed paper wedding invitation

Do they have recycling and compost pickup? Do they offer energy efficient lighting? For minimal energy demands, have a daytime garden wedding at , Winter Weddings, Historical Home complete with fireplace?

Try to make sure all décor is reusable, re-sellable, or gift-able using a rental facility to minimize the new for new. Get creative and personal with versatile vintage vases, candle holders, or photo frames found online or at local flea markets. Donate remaining décor to your guests or local church, community center.

Talk to your florist about using locally in-season flowers that can be bought at the farmers or flower market. Better yet – go with potted plants and flowers that you can take home or gift to special guests of honor. For all cut-flowers and greenery, make sure your wedding venue  will coordinate compost pickup or arrange to donate them to a nursing home or hospital for other people to enjoy.

For the bride and bridesmaids, check out vintage clothing shops… If you prefer a brand new gown, consider a dress made with natural, sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, silk, or hemp.Donate bridesmaid and wedding dresses to your local organization like the provide free formal dresses to in-need students for proms or graduation

Look for a caterer who can or already does use locally grown ingredients to create an in-season menu. If serving meat, opt for free-range, organically raised beef or chicken. Ask if your baker can use free-range locally harvested eggs, milk, butter, and organic sugar for the cake. Have all items served on sustainable plates and cutlery with our #1 VerTerra dinnerware  Don’t just throw out the leftover food! – Compost the scraps, and work with your caterer to find a local food rescue organization that will pick up untouched food and deliver to families and shelters in need.

Gifts and Registry
Consider registering at your Charleston SC Wedding Planners local foundation or stores that donate up to 10% of gift purchases to the charity of your choice. If you want to provide your guests with an eco-option, include a list of your favorite charitable organizations where they can make a donation in lieu of a gift.
How about an eco resorts down the coast or around the world. For those of you, who is a bit more adventurous, plan a trip where you can combine travel, relaxation, and volunteering?

“Every  little bit counts and its good for the heart, the soul and our planet”  BLOG 

Happy Beginnings,

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