Bridesmaid Etiquette

It’s truly an honor to be invited to be an integral part of a wedding party. However, there seems to be a large portion of bridesmaids that are unclear of their role in the special day of their loved one. And it also seems that the majority of brides and bridesmaids alike are in need of either a confidence check, or a serious attitude adjustment.


If you are the Maid of Honor, your duties are clear: assist the bride by planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Most bridesmaids though, struggle between being a puppet and being number one. We’ve heard it all: ‘It is not your day’, ‘You are not the center of attention’, and ‘Your opinion doesn’t matter.’ While yes, your say only has so much influence on the events of someone else’s dream wedding, on the other hand, you have to recognize that you are not the bride’s slave as soon as you RSVP ‘yes.’ If you feel you are being taken advantage of, speak up! You are friends, so it shouldn’t be difficult to express your feelings, especially if you are feeling underappreciated. Alternatively, you have to put yourself in perspective within the wedding priorities.


This is your moment! Celebrating the union of your family and friends to the family and friends of your fiancé. And while you’ve been planning and organizing and making decisions regarding this upcoming day, you should be wary of forgetting what it is like outside your wedding bubble. Yes, you’ve been saving for your wedding day for who knows how long, but be aware that not everyone is saving for your wedding day. The number one Bride-Bridesmaid issue is the wedding budget. By this I mean, what it costs to be in a wedding: hotels, dresses, rental cars, airfare, etc. So perhaps, think of alternatives to that expensive dress and matching heels. (Who knows, they could spend the money they save on a better present for you!)

Above all brides please do not forget to say Thank You to your ladies. Let’s not ignore the reason you invited them in the first place-these are your closest friends and family. Don’t snub their efforts for a sense of importance. They are doing what they can to make you feel special!

And remember, everything comes full circle. Your girls might grin and bear your choices, but one day the time will come when they invite you to a wedding of their own.

And Kharma can be….well we all know how Kharma can be…..

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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