Wedding Planning-Where do I Begin?

Where do I begin??

Wedding planning from the comfort from your home can seem like an overwhelming process — with so many details to take care of and options to choose from, where does one begin?

Well we have the answer, Yupper you guessed it! The internet has become a popular source of information for ideas, advice and a helpful tool to get and stay organized, while enabling you to share with your family and friends.

So let’s get started…

Let’s start with the two most important things, you’re wedding date and securing a Ceremony and Reception venue. Simply do a Google search for your destination city and hold on to your seats. Not so fast! We recommend seeking out the right wedding planner who can express the in’s and out’s of each venue while translating the contractual jargon at the same time, or perhaps joining a chat room or forum for helpful info.

Next in order of preference we highly recommend seeking wedding planning vendors who take your thoughts, vision, dreams, and budget and make it a reality.

Start with the “Meat and Potatoes” of Wedding Planning vendor’s .What I mean is, you should ask yourself “What do I need not want for your big day. These are what should be on your needs list to get things Cooking.Caterer,Photographer,Floral – Décor ,Band or DJ, and Cake.

Do your homework when seeking out vendors you are not familiar with. Referrals should be a must as well as a good open line of communication. Did they promptly return or email or phone call or did they just send you to their website? We truly believe in the motto “You only get one chance to make a first impression”.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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