It’s All About Color!

When you close your eyes, how do you picture your wedding? I have some brides that have envisioned every detail down to the shade of lipstick they will wear for their special day.  Many brides, however, find themselves a bit overwhelmed in the beginning stages of the planning process because there is such a multitude of choices!

My best advice is to start small and work your way up; start with colors! Do you want an all-white Grace Ormonde affair? Or do you prefer pastels? Choose something that represents you as a couple whether bright and vivacious or soft and romantic.  My favorite thing to do for inspiration when getting ideas for a couple is to go to a Home Depot of sorts, and stand in front of the spectrum sample cards in the paint aisle. So many to choose from (in a good way) and there is something that you will love!

Once you choose your color scheme the rest of the details will fall much more easily when you have a vision of the event in your mind.  If you can’t decide on a color scheme, cut out pictures of those in the running.  Enlist the help of always willing parents and a few friends; remember that too many cooks in the kitchens are more of a hinder so keep the peanut gallery to a minimum. How about just enjoying using the natural elements of historic local venues to compliment with color and style?

Once you have decided on that it is much easier to decide which direction you would like your event to take.  An elegant evening filled with candlelight? A lively and active soiree? Whatever the decision, do your best to stick with it!  You will choose your reception centerpieces and décor based on this, the menu, your gown and as well as your invitations to create a beautifully and thoughtfully put together wedding. 

If however, you feel you want to change the direction of your wedding, go for it; but there is a point of no return the closer you get to the date! The limits of color are endless, as are the possibilities for your dream wedding.  With the help of wedding industry professionals experience and creativity, believe me, beginning this process will be fun, fresh and exciting and you won’t know where to stop!

Happy Beginnings, Mike


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