Working With an Honest Wedding Budget

Working with an honest wedding budget No one likes to discuss budget.  In fact, the very word makes people uncomfortable because it implies there is a limit.  Its reality, every person has a limit, every couple has a budget when planning their wedding.  Some budgets are larger, some are small; this is not a good…
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How to Choose Colors for Your Wedding

 My advice, start with a vision for your wedding flow, Bride’s dress and then take it from there. Your outcome can be a consistent look or go crazy with a whimsical combination of color and décor. If you are using Save the Date Card, This is a great opportunity to set the tone for the items…
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Wedding Party Responsibilities

So you think you could just show up? Well not so easy buster! Here are some of my recommendations for your wedding party and what part they can do to chip in for the big day! The Duties of the Best Man Before the wedding: * If he lives in the same town as the…
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Newly Engaged.. Now What?

Wedding planning at first can seem like an overwhelming process — with so many details to take care of and options to choose from, where does one begin? Well we have the answer, Yep,you guessed it! The internet has become the most popular source of information for ideas, advice,helpful tools and suggestions So let’s get…
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