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Four Seasons Of Wedding Floral

How the Four Seasons can have an impact on your wedding colorsSpringSpring is about freshness!!! Fresh natural colors yellows, greens, blue and pink are my faves!. I’m all about what is local and vibrant. SummerWhat comes to mind? Fun, Fun, Festive! Consider if you wedding is indoor or outdoors. Indoor venues are more conservative and follow…
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Help for the Vow-Blocked

Writing your own vows can be a wonderful expression of your love to your future spouse. It can also be extremely difficult for some to put their feelings into words. Here are some tips to help ease your worried mind: 1. Allow yourself enough time to think of your vows. Most people focus on planning…
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How to Protect Your Wedding Budget from Unexpected Costs and Surprises

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2333.0"] Photo Credit Dana Cubbage Lovely reception at Legare Waring House[/caption]  Hi Gang,I’d love to share this helpful info from Laura Newcomer.If you’ve spent even one second thinking about having a wedding, then your wallet probably already hurts. Please remember the below amounts averages are based on surveys, not what  YOU have…
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Tips for a Summer Wedding

Summer is a perfect season for a beautiful outdoor wedding. But this sunny season can be fickle, so here are some tips on how to host your very own perfect summer wedding! Have your florist make a back up boutonniere- in case your flowers get a case of the wilts Consider using fans as your…
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