Tips for a Summer Wedding

Summer is a perfect season for a beautiful outdoor wedding. But this sunny season can be fickle, so here are some tips on how to host your very own perfect summer wedding!
Have your florist make a back up boutonniere- in case your flowers get a case of the wilts

Consider using fans as your programs. Also have parasols for your female guests. 

Try to stay away from saying your nuptials during the hottest hours of the day. Avoid 10-3pm unless you’re in a comfy shaded pavilion

Dress the part-use waterproof and lightweight makeup. Linen suits, or opt for the no suit jacket look.

Take advantage of the beautiful flora that summer provides. Give your wedding a pop of color with bold yellow sunflowers or daisies. Choose décor that will hold up in the heat!

Choose light foods that won’t leave your guests feeling heavy. Sticking with seasonal fruits and veggies can lighten up the palate.

Keep the cake indoors! No confection can withstand the heat…well, no edible confection can withstand the heat. So bring your cake indoors! Set up a dessert table to entice your guests into the AC!

Avoid this:

Melted Wedding Cake
Melted Wedding Cake

Happy Beginnings, Mike


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