Help for the Vow-Blocked

Writing your own vows can be a wonderful expression of your love to your future spouse. It can also be extremely difficult for some to put their feelings into words. Here are some tips to help ease your worried mind: 1. Allow yourself enough time to think of your vows. Most people focus on planning everything for their wedding and tend to ignore one of the most important parts of the ceremony: the vows. So if you’re name isn’t Poe, Shakespeare, Frost or Hemmingway, you might want to allot some free time for your creativity to flow.

2. Keep it simple. The biggest obstacle for most writers is themselves. Don’t try to write a novel. Write about your relationship, talk about the little things you promise to do, and the things that showed you they were the one for you. Tell them how you are fully aware that you choose to be their other half for better or for worse, not because you’re obligated, but because you genuinely want to.

3. Do your homework. Watch the rom-com’s, read the love sonnets, get your inspiration from a cereal box if that’s what it takes-maybe something will spark what you truly want to say.

4. No matter what you say, it will be perfect. Your family, your friends, and your other half will adore whatever comes out of your mouth simply because its from you to him.


Happy Beginnings, Mike


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