How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding Menu

How to plan your perfect wedding menu Don’t feel forced into a blasé sit down dinner based on old traditions. There are unlimited options for your wedding menu. Your caterer will be there to help guide you when you’re making your food choices, but here are a few to spark some ideas:

Incorporate childhood favorites. Dress up your favorite comfort foods for your friends and family to enjoy. Who says mac and cheese can’t be fancy? Try a “do it yourself” mac and cheese bar!

Keep it local and seasonal. Not only will this reduce your overall food cost, but it will ensure that your guests get a guaranteed fresh and high quality meal. Look for caterers that source locally and organically.

Think about the atmosphere you want to create with the food you’re serving. Will you be having a lot of speeches? Consider having a buffet or sit down dinner where your guests can sit comfortably and listen to everyone’s speech.

More things to consider:

How long is your reception? Think about serving a passed appetizer as a midnight snack.

Let your food set the mood. If you have a crowd that loves to dance, keep the food light.!

Happy Beginnings, Mike


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