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Wedding Day Brides Emergency Kit Checklist

 The bride's emergency kit is a bag of wedding day necessities as well as emergency items you hope you don't need, but would be in a bind if you didn't have. In general, it is left in the bride's dressing/changing room for easy access at the wedding site and is assigned to a mother, bridesmaid,…
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10 Do’s and Don’ts for DIY Weddings

10 Dos and Don'ts for DIY weddings Whether you want to save money or include personalized touches, do-it-yourself details can make a big impact. But some projects are tougher than others, and what you thought would be a 1-2-3 could turn into an undertaking worthy of a world-class wedding planner. To avoid DIY overload, choose…
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Wedding Hair Styles

Some of my favorite  trends for wedding hair are Curls, asymmetry and vintage inspired looks.Curls -Curls are an awesome way to add detail and they can even be utilized to construct the shape of your style in beautiful and various ways. Hair pieces or extensions will add fullness or length to a braid. The braid…
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Beach Wedding Dresses

 So you’re a bit of a free spirit. You’d like to get married with a breeze in your hair, the sun on your face and the sound of waves lapping on the sand. You’d like to carry a colorful spray of tropical blooms ? Sounds like you?Well then,  you need to think carefully about what…
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