Wedding Hair Styles

Some of my favorite  trends for wedding hair are Curls, asymmetry and vintage inspired looks.

Curls -Curls are an awesome way to add detail and they can even be utilized to construct the shape of your style in beautiful and various ways. Hair pieces or extensions will add fullness or length to a braid. The braid can be the focal point of the style or just a part of it, like when putting one along your hair line leading to a chic chignon.

Asymmetry – Asymmetry adds interest to classic looks like chignons, ponytails with curls, or a loose fishtail braid. 

Retro – Try a wavy bob if you have shorter hair or loose classic Hollywood waves for longer hair. You can also try pinning curled styles. Vintage looks often work well with accessories. So you can add sparkle, feathers or a cage veil effortlessly. When selecting your wedding hair style consider your big day as a whole. Choose something that echoes the vibe of the wedding.

Also consider your dress. Select hair and makeup that will create a look that flatters your features, but doesn’t compete with the dress. EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS in regard to length, parting and fringe. Test out some styles on your own and take pictures to see which you like best. Getting an idea of what looks best with your features will help you explain what you want to your stylist.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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