Wedding Cocktail Hour and Reception Music


As we all know music can make or break a wedding celebration. We’ve found many couples to have their ceremony musicians or DJ ,  continue to play into the cocktail hour offering appropriate music to set the tone for the rest of the evening .Most couples agree,there should never be a lull at any time during the wedding celebration and that’s why its so important to hire true professional musicians or an amazing DJ .During dinner choose to play light music and then after couple’s 1st  dance,  pick up the beat as the night progresses. 

It’s YOUR day so you can choose any song that you think will get all of your guests onto the dance floor! A good DJ or live band can read the room and speed up the vibe and slow it down as need be.

It’s your wedding, Its your day, play the music you want to play!! Celebrate the way you and your partner would like to.

Rock on!!  Mike

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