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Holiday Weekend Wedding?

Considering a Holiday Weekend Wedding? Although the couple might be thinking that a holiday weekend is a surefire way for guests to be able to attend, often the opposite is true. Especially during the summer, holiday plans are often booked far in advance. Although people may have scheduled vacation time, it most likely doesn’t allow…
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Tips For A Smooth Wedding Day

Make a time table for the morning of:Hair, make-up, breakfast, bouquets and breathing...the morning of your wedding is a hectic one to say the least! The trick to making the hustle and bustle more exciting than stressful is to make out a short time table (and keep to it!) You don’t have to get into…
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On a Budget? Work with a Wedding Planner

 On a budget? No worries....That’s a good thing!! The good news is that all wedding planners should have the capacity to work with all budgets. It would be much less unprofessional of any planner refusing your business because you didn’t have a lot of money. NEWS FLASH!! Budget conscious wedding planners are all over, hey one…
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Why Do I Need a Full Service Wedding Planner?

Why do I Need a Full Service Wedding Planner?Hiring a wedding planner is more or a necessity then a luxury. Let’s face it Google and wedding websites have answers but they are not specific to help personalize your wedding day needs, vision and budget.Let’s get started…Have you started looking for venues? Charleston has 100’s!Let’s assume…
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