On a Budget? Work with a Wedding Planner


On a budget? No worries….That’s a good thing!! 

The good news is that all wedding planners should have the capacity to work with all budgets. It would be much less unprofessional of any planner refusing your business because you didn’t have a lot of money. NEWS FLASH!! Budget conscious wedding planners are all over, hey one might be living right next door to you and you never knew it. Before I get too excited and forget to mention this, when looking to hire a wedding planners always ask them for a phone and email list of past clients and present brides to be, they are working with.

Unfortunately due that crazy bridal reality TV shows everyone now thinks they can become one of the elite budget wedding planners. So be cautious. Ask for credentials and if they hand you a TV guide, well need I say more??

Since it is difficult to monitor and control so called budget wedding planners we can only rely on the referral for other vendors in the wedding planning business. The best thing about hiring the right wedding planner is that they work closely with their clients, establish a budget and based upon that information, work within the agreed budget.

Take your time, shop around, and ask around. It is well worth interviewing many wedding planners especially on a low budget, once you’ve sought them out; give them some homework, how about asking them to recommend some creative ideas based on your interests and needs.

Happy Beginnings, Mike


Legare Waring House Charleston SC Winship Productions www.redshutterstudio.com
Legare Waring House Charleston SC Winship Productions www.redshutterstudio.com
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