Holiday Weekend Wedding?

Considering a Holiday Weekend Wedding? Although the couple might be thinking that a holiday weekend is a surefire way for guests to be able to attend, often the opposite is true. Especially during the summer, holiday plans are often booked far in advance. Although people may have scheduled vacation time, it most likely doesn’t allow for them to attend someone’s wedding.Unless the potential guest is very close to the couple, they might not want to spend one of their valuable holiday weekends off at a wedding.

As a bride, this may be the most important day of your life, but the high school friend you haven’t spoken with since 1998 may not agree. Holiday travel is often more expensive and time-consuming than on other weekends. Hotels get booked up, lines are longer at the airport, and patience runs thin. If you are a couple thinking about having a holiday weekend wedding, remember these considerations.

Try to book a block of rooms in advance at a better rate, provide more activities than you otherwise might, such as brunches or cocktail hours, and don’t take it personally if you get some declines on the RSVPs. Remember that this will also be your anniversary and one you’ll never forget.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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