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Top 5 Wedding Invitation Mistakes

 Top 5 Wedding Invitation MistakesWhen it comes to a beautiful wedding, you hope everything goes off without a hitch.  The problem, of course, comes when you make a mistake.  We all make mistakes, but there are five common mistakes that are easy to avoid, when it comes to wedding invitations. Designing your wedding invitation can…
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Always Be Prepared for Unexpected Weather

Looking to get married in Charleston SC ? I don’t blame you! Who wouldn’t want to get married in one of the top tourist cities in the world!? Charleston is known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, southern charm, and its people, however, as much as we hate to admit it, there is one downfall,…
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Choosing a Wedding Caterer

In all my years of wedding planning, I’ve found that Caterers are simply the easiest to work with. Local Caterers are run by chefs that wanted to get away from the  hustle and bustle of a restaurant environment. I’ve found that the Charleston Caterers though being in the Low country can offer many different types of…
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10 Things Your Wedding Photographer Needs to Know

When planning your wedding, you will have a million questions for each of your wedding vendors. My advice is that the information highway should most definitely go both ways! The more informed everyone is, the better they can cater to your needs Your wedding photographer will need to know almost everything that you do about…
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