10 Things Your Wedding Photographer Needs to Know

When planning your wedding, you will have a million questions for each of your wedding vendors. My advice is that the information highway should most definitely go both ways! The more informed everyone is, the better they can cater to your needs Your wedding photographer will need to know almost everything that you do about your wedding.

1. What are the venue’s rules for photographers.Where am I allowed to go? Charleston SC is well known for its gorgeous historic houses and architecture. If you choose such a venue, be understanding that some places on the property may be off limits to anyone-including photographers.

2. How many people are in your bridal party? This count can affect the photographers timeline for the day-giving them a heads up that you have a wedding party of 8 groomsman and 8 bridesmaids will definitely be helpful!

3. Are you doing something special during the ceremony? –sand ceremony, unity candle, knot tying, etc. Some photographers like to get before and after “detail” shots of your ceremony. For example the rope before and after the knot is tied, or the two jars of sand before they are combined into one!

4. Is there anything special that you will be wearing or will have you that is of sentimental value? Something borrowed, or blue perhaps? Details are what shape a wedding, and what make it special to you!

5. How long will the ceremony last? The last thing any photographer wants to be is caught off guard. Let them know how long your ceremony will be-so whether 10 minutes or 2 hours, they have ample time to take the money shots!

6. How big is your family? Yes that’s right, count them all. Everyone will want pictures with the happily married couple! Might help to make a list!

7. Where will you be getting ready? Do you have a bridal suite, a room, maybe a car? Will it be far from where your groom is getting ready, or will it be all on the same property?

8. How many people will be getting ready with you? Again, whether 2 bridesmaids or 8 bridesmaids and 2 mothers, and 4 grandmothers-the count helps!

9. Will you be doing a “first look”? First glance are becoming more and more popular with couples, and are widely liked among photographers. They have a way of de-stressing the high energy atmosphere that is buzzing around the day, and can be very emotional. That moment when he first sees her-it’s a very intimate moment, and one that some like to share alone rather than in front of everyone they know!

10. What is your idea for your wedding photographs? All wedding photographers are not the same! Some focus more on candids, seeing people in their natural state, and some shine through their portraits. This is why it is very important to look through portfolios and decide what your eye is drawn towards the most! The more you click with your wedding photographer, the more they can click their shots of you! (oh yeah, I went there)

Happy Beginnings! Mike

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