Choosing a Wedding Caterer

In all my years of wedding planning, I’ve found that Caterers are simply the easiest to work with. Local Caterers are run by chefs that wanted to get away from the  hustle and bustle of a restaurant environment. I’ve found that the Charleston Caterers though being in the Low country can offer many different types of cuisine. So you say you like sushi? No problem. Allergic to nuts? No problem .Charleston Caterers know that a wedding reception is going to attract a wide variety of guests with different tastes, allergies, and of course, Opinions!! 

Most of their chefs are from all parts of the United States and have slowly but surely as we all do, migrated and settled down south and have all brought with them 1000’s of recipes to share with the eagerly awaiting public. BEWARE the” out of the house private caterer”. We all remember the cute little lady down the street who was known for her peach cobbler and tea sandwiches. I have 2 words for you, food poisoning. We never see what’s going on in that person’s kitchen and quite honestly I don’t want to.

These individuals are not educated, certified, or insured in Food Safety and most importantly it’s against the law! So in closing, when shopping for a wedding caterer, look for a well known vendor who has a list of referrals a mile long and is of course certified and insured.

Happy Eating, Mike

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Mini Shrimp Tacos!
Mini Shrimp Tacos!
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