Wedding Invitations

Picking out wedding invitations can be an exciting time in the wedding planning process! The style of a wedding usually determines the degree of formality of the invitation. When wording your wedding invitations there are certain guidelines that apply.

Here are a few friendly tips to keep in mind when wording your wedding invitations!!

  • ~The first names to appear on an invitation should be those of people paying for the wedding.
  • ~ All names, the date, and the time should be written out in full.
  • ~ If the year is used, it is traditional to spell it out. For example, 2015 should be “two thousand andfifteen”
  • ~ Traditional wording for a religious ceremony is “the honor of your presence.” Wording for the reception is “the pleasure of your company”.
  • ~ It is important to mail the wedding invitations between four and six weeks prior to the wedding. Allow as many as eight to ten weeks for summer or holiday weddings.
  • ~ Always send self- addressed, stamped response cards with the invitations! This encourages people to send in their RSVP’s, which is very important.
  • ~ Remember to include a “Respond by” date on the card, this encourages guests to respond immediately.
  • ~If a choice of entrees for dinner will be offered, this may also be listed on the response cards.
  • ~ Write the guests’ names and address on the outer envelope. The names of the people invited to the ceremony should be written on the inner envelope.
  • ~Maps and directions to the ceremony and reception sites should be printed clearly and photocopied for inclusion with a formal invitation.

After the invitations have been ordered and have arrived for pick up, it is IMPORTANT to proofread the invitation before mailing them out to your wedding guests! When proofreading, the following things should be closely checked!

  • ~ Are the style and color what you ordered?
  • ~ Are all names spelled correctly?
  • ~ Are titles such as Dr. used properly?
  • ~ Are there periods after all abbreviations?
  • ~ Are the proper words capitalized?
  • ~ Are the date and time of the wedding correct?
  • ~ Are the day, time, and year fully written out?
  • ~ Are the address of the wedding site and reception correct?
  • ~ Are the directions correct?
  • ~ Is the type style correct?
  • ~ Is the type the right size?

Congratulations, you have successfully sent out your wedding invitations! Hope you have enjoyed our friendly tips!

Happy Beginnings, Mike


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