Working With an Honest Wedding Budget

Working with an honest wedding budget No one likes to discuss budget.  In fact, the very word makes people uncomfortable because it implies there is a limit.  Its reality, every person has a limit, every couple has a budget when planning their wedding.  Some budgets are larger, some are small; this is not a good or bad thing, it simply means how much you are willing to spend.  When vendors bring up this topic, it is not to intimidate, demean or judge and I realize many couples feel that it is to do just that.  So allow us, the wedding professionals, to clarify.

We are here to help you, to make your wedding dreams and visions, your reality.  We are on your side and want to assist you in putting your hard earned money to the best use in the most cost efficient ways.  We bring up this topic so that we know how much you are comfortable spending on each detail because we do not want to make suggestions or promises to you of things that might be unrealistic.  

Wedding gowns for example may cost anywhere in the realm of $100 to $10,000.  It would be ill mannered for a bridal consultant in a gown shop to show a bride a $6,000 gown if she is only comfortable with spending $1,000; ill mannered only if the bride is honest about her budget.  The bride may fall in love with this gown only to be devastated that it is so far beyond her limit.  Now, everyone is upset; yes even the consultant, because in the bride is unhappy.  How to avoid this scenario? Be honest with yourself and your vendors about your budget.

There is a plethora of choices out there and one for every budget in every aspect of your wedding details!  Do your research on the general cost of each piece of your wedding puzzle and come to a realistic conclusion of your comfort level.  By doing this alone, stress over the cost of your wedding can be significantly less, and we the wedding professionals will make your dream wedding happen.

Happy Beginnings, Mike


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