Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hair Stylist and Make Up Professional

Hi Ladies,

Now that most of your planning is done, now its time to focus on the ‘Queen for the day” you!!

Allow plenty of time before your wedding day to select a stylist. The ideal amount of time is about 6 months. This is strongly advised in case you decide to grow out or crop your hair and then need time to settle into your new style.

Ask for referrals. Friends and family members you trust should be able to steer you toward at least one reliable and talented hairstylist.

Find friends, coworkers and even acquaintances with hairstyles you really like and ask them for referrals. Feel free to ask strangers about their hairstyles, as well! They’ll probably be flattered to hear how much you admire their hair.

Compile a list of four or five hairstylists and their phone numbers. This step helps you stay organized when calling and interviewing potential stylists.

Check out one or more of the hairstylists on your list. One of the best things to do is to observe stylists on Saturdays, when they’re often their busiest.

Schedule a consultation with each stylist. Be sure you know what the consultation will include. For example, some consultations include a cut and style, while others do not. Find out the exact charge, if any, for a consultation.

Make an initial appointment with the wedding day stylist you finally choose. Express any concerns you have about your hair, and do not let him pressure you into anything you don’t want.

Maintain a respectful and productive long-term relationship with your wedding day stylist. Be clear about dates and scheduling, and treat her with respect and courtesy.

The hair stylists and makeup artists, should be courteous, reliable and do great work,!

Mostly all will come to your hotel room and or venue so y’all can enjoy your pre- wedding sipping mimosa’s with your peeps and loved ones while getting my hair and makeup done in such a comfortable environment~

Happy Styling!


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Pre-Wedding Fun!!
Pre-Wedding Fun!!
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