Its Your Wedding Day – Make Your Own Rules

 One of the most common phrases I hear while going through the planning process with a couple, “Is that the way it’s supposed to be?” Whether it’s for the wording on their invitations, the timeline of the evening or the line-up for the processional during the ceremony, every couple wants to do it the “right” way.  What way is that exactly?

Instead of using the word right I always use traditional. Traditionally, yes, there was a certain way that people liked to do things regarding a wedding.  As our society has evolved however, so have many of the traditions we once had.  Now, the real question is who currently writes the proverbial Wedding Rule Book?

Emily Post’s books teach us wedding etiquette such as how to word an invitation or give suggestions as to guest attire for a wedding at each time of day.  However, as far as what the bride and groom wear, the bridal party’s attire, wedding theme and décor…well, the sky is the limit!  The possibilities can be endless and there is no right or wrong answer.

One of the biggest “Do I have to….?” questions, is about the bride’s gown.  “Do I have to wear white?” Absolutely not! In fact many designers have stopped making their sample gowns in white because more often than not, they flatter more skin tones as well as hair and eye color when they are ivory, magnolia or even with hints of color. “Do I have to wear a blusher with my veil?” Absolutely not! The tradition of blushers was actually the more unattractive a woman, the thicker her blusher was (this was when marriages were pre-arrange and bride and groom met on their wedding day). White gowns and blushers as a must are things of the past, now it is completely preference.

It is your wedding day, make it that way!  Write your own rules about if you can have a coconut cake at a fall wedding, if you can have your bridesmaids in tea length gowns in December, the day is yours and no one can tell you what is right or wrong for you (except maybe your mother).

Happy Beginnings, Mike


Happiness begins here..
Happiness begins here..
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