Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette

The purpose of a rehearsal dinner is mainly to bring the Bride and Groom’s families together one last time before the lovely couple says their “I Do’s.” Now you may ask yourself, “Who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner?” Well, that is completely up to you and your husband-to-be! Typically, most couples invite their immediate families, out-of-town family, close friends, and the members of the wedding party and their dates, but it is completely up to you two!

We all know the tradition of the rehearsal dinner being known as “The Groom’s Night,” and while this is true and the grooms gets to pick out his own cake (because let’s be real, in most cases that is the only thing he gets to pick out himself), the night really is just a chance to celebrate with friends and family one last time before starting your journey together. The rehearsal dinner is also a great night to reflect on memories the couple has with one another and with family members and their close friends, usually the maid of honor, best man, siblings, and parents give their speeches and toasts to the couple.

Before sending out your invitations, which should typically be done a month or so in advance, it is important to decide what kind of rehearsal dinner the two of you want! But don’t think the rehearsal dinner has to be formal! I am being completely honest when I say no one cares whether or not you have an extravagant rehearsal dinner—after all, considering all of the expenses that are being put towards the actual wedding day, keep it easy and fun! !

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