Wedding Inspiration Time Capsule


Remember creating a time capsule box when you were a kid? Into the box went certain objects, articles, memorabilia- whatever happened to represent your life or current world events at that time. Then, the idea was to open the box or envelope at some pre-arranged time in the future so that you could hem, haw, ooh and awe about all that has passed.

I challenge you to create something similar~ an Inspiration Capsule! The intent is to keep this capsule for always and even show your kids some day what it was like to plan a wedding in “your day.” And, to simply rememberwith fondness.

Think about it… the wedding planning time is an incredible time in your life. The highs, the lows, the anticipations, the expectations of someone about to be married to the love of their life! The Inspiration Capsule is the perfect venue for keeping those precious and “take for granted” moments alive!

Ideas for your Inspiration Capsule

  • love letters, notes,      scribbles, cards from your beloved
  • fabric & color swatches
  • your Save the Date and other stationery items
  • ideas & drawings
  • Items that are of particular inspiration to you! show stub.
  • notes & cards from familyand friends
  • weather predictions
  • list of blogs, magazines,  books… your sources of inspiration
  • what‘s your technology      pleasure? Throw in the manual for you’re: computer, iPhone/Blackberry,      iPad…
  • include your typical daily      schedule
  • advice you’re glad you took
  • advice you wish you’d taken
  • current wedding trends
  • The list goes on and on…

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Winship Productions Time Capsule
Winship Productions Time Capsule
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