Wearing Your Something Blue

Wearing your Something Blue for your wedding? Here are a few creative ways to do it!


Wearing blue shoes is a somewhat new trend for brides, but what better excuse to go buy new shoes?

In your hair

When you’re getting your hair done why not have your stylist put a little something blue in your do?


For the adventurous bride, you can spice up your something blue by tinting your veil!

Dreamy Blue Veil 
Dreamy Blue Veil 

A Little Blue in your Wedding Dress

A personal favorite for the daring! Ask your gown designer or seamstress to sew a blue heart or your wedding date in blue thread into your gown.

Blue Bouquets!

Use your wedding flowers to your advantage! Ask your florist to use an array of blue flowers for your bride bouquet.



Happy Beginnings, Mike


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