Tips on Hosting a Summertime Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Imagine this… Mid July and your guests are patiently gathered around awaiting your entrance, on the beach, by a lake, on a plantation. Unfortunately, the picture gets a little blurry by droplets of perspiration rolling down their faces while swatting away mosquitos.  Have no fear bridal lovers of the outdoors!  Here are some tips that we recommend to “heat proof” their outdoor summer weddings .

Summertime beverage station
Summertime beverage station

Hydrate your guests : It’s always nice to have a beverage station or waiters passing sparkling water at any wedding, but it’s more than nice at a summer wedding- it’s a necessity.  Punch, lemonade, infused water: these things can make a major difference in keeping guests cool while they await your ceremony.

Wedding fans to keep cool!
Wedding fans to keep cool!

Favors: Yes, a favor is typically given at the end of the night, but an outdoor ceremony provides ample opportunities for gifting to your guests that will go a long way in keeping them comfortable.  Consider a welcome station equipped with hand fans. It’s a great gift and practical also.

Rent a tent: Rent a tent with water misting fans. A tent not only provides coverage from the elements but also is a prime opportunity to hang water spray misting fans to keep all guests calm and cool and ready to party!

Spray Mist Fans hanging from tent sides. Cool Breeze!
Spray Mist Fans hanging from tent sides. Cool Breeze!

Prepare for Bugs: The summer brings with it a less loveable companion: bugs.  Mosquito’s, bees, even hornets can all be a-buzz during the summer months and depending on the time of day of your ceremony, might be a pest to your guests.    Talk to your venue about spraying an organic pesticide in advance of your wedding to keep those pests at bay.  Consider planting citronella torches around the perimeter of your ceremony or reception and, if you are making a restroom amenity basket, consider adding in a couple of cans of bug spray. It isn’t glamorous, but it will keep people comfortable!

Keep guests informed: As news of your upcoming wedding spreads far and wide, be sure to let guests know they will be spending a lot of time outdoors, especially if they will be walking on grass or sitting in the hot sun.  Cousin Bobby might think twice about wearing that black wool suit if he knows he’ll be sitting in the hot sun and for your ceremony and reception.  Similarly, Aunt Gloria might not wear her stilettos if she knows the ceremony is on a grassy lawn the day after a rain storm.  Everyone loves an element of surprise, but let that come in the décor, food and entertainment.  A well informed guest is prepared to have a great time, which will go a long way in making your wedding unforgettable.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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