Summer Wedding Inspiration: Your Time to Shine!

 I’ve found future brides frequently ask two questions when it comes to wedding planning. 1) Where and how do I become and stay inspired? It’s so funny because over the years I have seen that there are brides who have been planning their wedding since they were little girls and know EXACTLY what they want, while on the other hand there are brides who have no idea where to begin or what they want. So where do I go from here? A common question to ask yourself is what time of year do you want to be married? 

The second question you want to consider is: What type of woman are you? Romantic, Retro, Classic, DIY?

 Let’s take a look!

The Retro Summer Bride

Let’s look at “The Retro” inspired Bride-to-be, when it comes to wedding planning. How about collecting memorabilia from a particular time or place in your life or your imagination?? Estate Sales. Garage Sales, Flea Markets, your parent’s attic, all may have hidden gems just waiting to get scooped up and personalized by you.

Escort Cards: How about hanging a clothesline between two trees, have your escort cards hung with clothes pins?

Tables: Small round tables with vintage linen, the more design and color the better

Centerpieces: Old Colored Mason Jars, Medicine Bottles, Fresh Seasonal Flowers, all make unique and affordable centerpieces.


Menu: A Large Chalk Board with your reception menu. Food Stations with small vintage picture frames with food item offered.

The Romantic Summer Bride

Ahhhhhh the romantic! The romantic bride-to-be would most likely go along

Escort Cards: Small locally grown trees work perfectly as an escort card display and as a unique wedding reception decoration. Pin your escort cards to organic locally grown tea bags and then simply arrange them within each Branch.

Tables: White is Right! How about rectangular tables covered with simple white cotton linens and surround each table with natural wood slatted chairs.

Centerpieces: Collect classic teacups and saucers. They’ll become the focal point of your centerpieces. Cluster and stack a few of them together on each table. Use some of the teacups to hold garden plants and vines that will creep across the table linens.

Entertainment: Croquet or bocce anyone? Or how about cornhole! This is a great way to entertain your guests! ! Why not throw in a bit of competitive edge to your celebration, Winner gets a bottle of bubbly!

The Summer DIY Bride

This, my loves, gives you a chance to shine and show off your creativity! After the ceremony, ask your guests to join you for a cozy, intimate afternoon picnic. Beach, Plantation or Public Park, what better way to have your guest’s kicks off their shoes and relax?

Escort Cards and Centerpieces: How about what I call “The double whammy” doubling up and incorporating escorts cards with déco. Have mini vases full of potted garden herbs for your guests. These pots will not only serve as escort cards — each one will have a small sign on it with your guest’s name and seating assignment — but when brought back to the “table,” it’ll also serve as the centerpiece. For an added bonus, they’ll also take them home as favors! This is what truly makes wedding planning a unique personalized experience.

Tables: Nope… Blankets!! Cotton Quilts and Throws are wonderfully light. Have a basket full and let your guests chose their size and color and sit where they’d like

Menu: How about wicker baskets with recycled paper containers to go along buffet line and help themselves. Set up your food stations as though they were farmers’ market tables, allow guests to select picnic-friendly menu items, like fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, and finger sandwiches.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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