Save the Date and Wedding Gift Etiquette

In today’s world, planning ahead has become a necessity. Save the dates allow your guests to plan for your wedding day well in advance. This is especially important for out-of-town guests, or destination weddings. Remember, this is not an announcement, it’s just a heads up!

Save the date etiquette is vital here. The most important thing to do before sending out a save the date card is to finalize your guest list. The save the date card is a pre-announcement that lets your guests know that they will be invited to the wedding.

Once you sent out a save the date card to a guest, you cannot un-invite them. If, by chance there is a wedding budget crisis, and you need to make guest cuts, it is good to know this before you send out the cards. You can trim a guest list easier when the guests are not yet pre-invited.

When you send out a save the date card, be sure to list if the person invited can include a guest. There are a couple of ways this can be done. If you know the name of the guest that will be invited, include them when addressing the card. If not, it is acceptable to include “and guest”. Also, if children are to be included, list them on the card as well.

When should save the dates be sent?
Send them as soon as you set your wedding date and have secured your ceremony and reception sites… This can be from 6 months to a year before the wedding. When planning your destination wedding, the more time you can give your guests the better, it can be a year or mom in advance.

Helpful info
I highly recommend setting up a personal wedding website, this is by far the best way to provide helpful information to your family and guests as a “Go to “ source of all info to include, Weekend Timeline, Accomodations , Things to See and Do etc..

The only guests who will be invited to the wedding should receive a save the date. For wording, keep it short and sweet! Your names, wedding date and “Invitation with details to follow.” If it’s a destination wedding how about including travel agencies along with resort and hotel information.

Your save the dates can be anything from refrigerator magnets to photo postcards, skies the limit!

Wedding Gift Etiquette
Wedding gift amount etiquette is a topic that has been discussed with set amounts one should give the happy couple. It is important to remember that the gift is a representation of your love for them… no matter what it costs.

It is not good wedding gift etiquette for a couple to ask for money or gifts when they invite loved ones and friends to their wedding. It is an opportunity for those invited to help the couple start their lives with the gifts that they choose.

Wedding gift etiquette states that if you are invited to the wedding you should present the couple with a gift. It is appropriate to send the gift to the couple or a parent before or after the wedding. If you choose to give the couple money, you can give the card to them during the reception.

When you are deciding how much to spend on a gift, the most important thing you need to do is look at your budget. Also, be mindful of how many weddings you will be invited to during the year. Purchasing multiple wedding gifts in a year can add up quickly, especially if you are invited to bridal showers as well.

Also, you need to take into consideration the amount of travel you will need to do in order to attend the wedding. If you are traveling some distance to the wedding, those costs will need to be factored into the budget amount you have for the wedding gift. The bride and groom will be so grateful that you took the time and expense to attend their wedding, they will not be expecting an extravagant gift.

Once you have looked at your budget and determined how much you have to spend, get creative. Take what you know about the bride and groom and find a gift that is either on the registry, or one that you know they will enjoy. Our favorite gifts from our wedding weren’t the ones that were really expensive. They were the little ones that came from the heart of the guests. After 13 plus years of marriage, we still know who the gifts were from.

Wedding gift amount etiquette comes down to what you, the guest can afford. For those you are really close to, it is appropriate to do more for them, if you can. The bride and groom will show their good wedding manners by being grateful for anything and everything that they receive.

Happy Beginnings,

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