Planning a Destination Wedding?

The most often and primary, question I’m asked  is “How can I ask my family and friends to travel?”Well, unless you still live in your hometown, and all of your family and friends live there as well, your friends and family will be traveling regardless.  For a substantial number of couples, for their friends and family, this already is a destination wedding of sorts.  So, the question is, are your guests traveling to a tropical island or any beautiful destination?

Enjoy the opportunities at your fingertips

One of the first things I tell a couple when the planning process begins is to dream BIG!. Key factors in planning a successful destination wedding include time of year, location, guest count, vision and trusted vendors.  Dream big, and ask your self “why not?”!

After you’ve decided to get married in a destination city, make a weekend trip there to meet with wedding planners because this will prove to be a HUGE stress reliever through the planning  process.  It’s usually better to choose a planner that is local to the area as they will have the best insights into the best vendors for you, the most knowledge of the terrain and weather as well as helpful suggestions on where to send your guests to keep them busy the other days they are in the area.

You always want to be mindful and respectful of guests traveling for your wedding, but also remember that you are choosing them to be part of your big day, and let’s face it, your providing a fabulous party for them to attend free of charge so who wouldn’t want to get away for the weekend if not more!

Happy Beginnings, Mike


Destination Sullivan's Island S.C. Wedding
Destination Sullivan’s Island S.C. Wedding
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