Pre Wedding Parties and Celebrations

We all know that engaged brides know how to party, right?! If you aren’t aware of all the fun that you can have during your engagement period, keep reading!

Engagement Party

First let talk about engagement parties. It is customary for the bride’s parents to host an engagement party for the bride and groom. The engagement party is a great opportunity for family members to relax and form relationships with each other. Generally, engagement parties are informal affairs, usually taking place as a brunch, luncheon, or dinner. This is a time for the father of the bride to announce his daughter’s engagement to his future son-in-law. After the engagement party, the bride and groom should make an effort to thank the host, traditionally the bride and groom will take the host out to dinner or give them flowers as a token of appreciation!

Bridal and Wedding Shower

A bridal shower is a party where the guests enjoy themselves while offering encouragement and gifts to the bride! Today bridal showers serve the same purpose as dowries did in ancient years, it provides the couples with items they will need when they start their lives together. Typically these gifts will be presents for the bride and grooms first home. **Hint** Make sure to finish your registry list before the bridal shower!!!

Bridal Luncheon

The bridal luncheon is held on the day of the rehearsal dinner! Bridal Luncheon’s do not have to be a “luncheon”, they can be held as a breakfast, luncheon, afternoon appetizers, or dinner. The bridal luncheon is the brides opportunity to thank her wedding party for standing by her side on the day of the wedding! It is customary for the bride to invite her mother and sisters, as well as the grooms mother and sisters. Bridal luncheons would be a great chance for the bride to give a token gift to her mother and mother in law!

Bachelor Party

The tradition behind the bachelor party, is that it is the groom’s final fling before he leaves he bachelor days to become a “married” man! ** Hint** Ladies, do not let your men have their bachelor party the day before the wedding! Nobody wants a hungover groom!

Rehearsal Dinner

A wedding is one big celebration from start to finish, and this includes the Rehearsal dinner the night before the big day!! Typically the rehearsal dinner is held directly after the wedding rehearsal, and as we all know is typically held by the groom’s parents. However, this does not always have to be the case. Rehearsal dinners are usually held at restaurants, country clubs, or private homes! When it comes to dress, throw all rules out the window! This is no right or wrong dress for a rehearsal dinner, formal wear or non formal wear, this is for the bride and groom to decide when they pick the venue for the dinner.

The rehearsal dinner is a good time for the bride and groom to give gifts to the wedding party, if they have not done so already! It is tradition for the made or matron of honor and/ or the couples parents to give a toast to the bride and groom. Some weddings, typically southern weddings, a grooms cake is common. If so, typically the grooms cake is served at the rehearsal dinner.

The engagement period is such a fun and amazing time for the bride and groom! This is an important time to share with loved ones!

Happy Beginnings! Mike


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