How to Choose a Wedding Cake

Let Them Eat Cake!!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…For generations, tradition has allowed the bride to choose her wedding dress as well as mementos and keepsakes to create her own very personal vision of her perfect day.  However, when it came to the wedding cake there was little to no choice. Traditionally, wedding cakes were three-tiered white-frosted cake with a porcelain bride and groom perched on top.  I don’t know what is more apparent that times have changed, than wedding cakes.

Evolving traditions are all about out with the old and in with the new. Modern cakes are reflecting a couple’s style and personalities both through new and inventive flavors and above and beyond artistic talents of bakers.  In fact, I would have to say there are as many different wedding cakes as I have seen brides and grooms!  For many couples this is the one piece of their wedding puzzle that both bride and groom are gaining equal say in the design and style of their cake; and quite easily the most effective detail when portraying their style as a couple.

Bakers too are evolving and are becoming more skilled than ever at flavor invention, creative design and imaginative architecture; yes I use architecture when describing wedding cakes.  Making a wedding cake is a science, an art form, and while Aunt Sally does indeed make yummy cakes, rarely is she in the running to keep up with the ever evolving styling options and structural design.  Cakes are being designed in shapes, three dimensional characters and in jaw dropping heights.  When I say the possibilities are endless, I mean it, but there of course is always the bottom line question, what is this going to cost.

Purchasing a cake for 150 people is definitely not the most inexpensive thing you will have at your wedding; however, there are some great ways to get that price tag of your dream cake to a more comfortable place.  The first is to ask your baker what size they recommend for your guest count; when that is determined then the designing fun may commence.  Many couples are having smaller more intimate affairs of 50 people, but don’t want to sacrifice the appearance of not having a grand cake; no need!

Bakers can decorate pieces called “dummies” in place of real cake to give you the grandiose appearance without all the extra cake; this of course will help your budget.  For large affairs of 150 or more guests a sheet cake is a great route to take; tactless I know to think a sheet cake for your wedding but allow me to explain.  You will have your grandiose cake just as you designed it, but with the “dummies” mentioned previously and only one or two real tiers for you to cut.  After the bride and groom have done their cake photo ops, the cake will be taken out of the room to be cut and served. But, ta-daa! It’s already ready to dish up and get it back out to your reception! No muss, no fuss! The guests have no idea, they still get the same great taste and your budget took a lot lighter blow to feed cake to those 150 guests.

The best advice when deciding on a wedding cake, think outside the box and dream big!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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