It’s the Little Things that Count

One thing you do not want is to wake up unprepared on your wedding day. This is where having a wedding planner can keep you on track. Our middle name is Prepared…ok so it legally isn’t, but it should be! We have the kitchen sink, and more in our bridal emergency kits, but here are some things for you to remember BEFORE your wedding day: Pack an overnight bag. No one wants a walk of shame in their tux and wedding gown, so be sure to pack a bag with clothes for your wedding night and next day. Some couples leave directly from the hotel to their honeymoon, so make sure you’re all packed up prior to last minute. And don’t forget the necessities like phone chargers and cameras!


Speaking of honeymoons, if you are going out of the country, don’t forget your passport! Last thing you want to do is call your mom and ask her to run it to the airport. She will hold this over your head. I repeat, do not forget your passport!


Write your vows and speech down. If you’re not exactly an ‘off the cuff’ kind of person, write it down! That way you don’t need to stress about forgetting what to say. And don’t worry, no one will judge you for reading off a paper, it’s what you say that counts!

If you are exchanging a bride and groom gift,or giving your bridesmaids or groomsmen little trinkets of appreciation, pack them with your ‘get-ready’ bag. This way, you’ll remember to bring them along!

Eat!!!! Please, this is especially important. No one wants you passing out at the alter, so have a hearty breakfast, or at the very very least, a few snacks to keep your energy up !

Happy Beginnings, Mike


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