Incorporating Long Tables in your Wedding Floor Plan

Seaside Dining Splendor
Seaside Dining Splendor

To create a more intimate reception for your wedding try using long tables in your floor plan. Long tables are perfect when you’re a little short on space. They won’t suit every wedding venue, but when you can incorporate long tables, the overall aesthetic can be wonderful.

Plantation Family Style -Legare Waring
Plantation Family Style -Legare Waring

Long tables can be a great way to keep your groups of friends and families together without creating an air of separation with your guests.Long tables are classic and simple, and can create symmetry within your reception space. Dressed with linen and centerpieces, they can be that subtle elegant touch you’ve been looking for.

Backyard Wedding Brunch
Backyard Wedding Brunch

Happy Beginnings,  Mike


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