How to Turn Your Backyard into your Wedding Venue


“ You can have anything from a luxury wedding to a simple ceremony with friends, in the comfort of your own property. You can save loads of money and call all the shots without having to worry about what time vendors can get in to set up and what time you have to end. Having a celebration in your Backyard allows you the flexibility and endless opportunities.”


When you plan a wedding in your backyard, you need to consider how space you have to work with. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dream wedding right in your backyard; You might have more space than you think when you use more than just an open grassy area. Look at your property with a totally different perspective. How much open space on the lawn? How about your deck and porch? The main objective should be good flow throughout.


Weathermen are traditionally considered untrustworthy, but that’s only because the weather can change in a moment.Even though the good old weatherman forecasts are ‘sunny’ for your special day, ensure that your guests and your beautiful arrangements don’t get ‘all wet’ on your wedding day by having a back up plan (or two)!


With a little touch of romance and togetherness, you’ll find that creating a theme for your wedding together makes it even more unique and special. Adding all the details that are uniquely “you” will truly make your wedding your own.

Planning is key to a successful event.

A lot of people set up the main details for a wedding and lose sight of those little things that can make or break an event.People love helping with weddings, so give them a chance. One friend can help with guest parking; another friend or family member can help set up the decorations. Someone else can handle the lighting and audio visual, while someone else can be on bathroom patrol.

 Plants and Floral

Early preparation by planting blooming plants early in the season can add lovely colors and fragrance of the right flowers can provide the perfect backdrop to your special day. Try to arrange a mix of flowers that are bright in color and that have a lovely scent. Watch out for any flowers that are known to attract bees or other annoying bugs!


Music for your wedding calls for a mix of music and music systems. Load up the IPod with a well selected play list that can play over speakers all over the yard. This sets up a romantic ambiance for your event. If you’re having a tented reception, a live band or DJ can be a nice touch, especially since they usually bring their own equipment!


Keep lighting subtle to create a romantic, yet natural vibe. Use floating candles in a pond (or pool), yard lamps around paths and walkways, and strings of lights over any seating areas to create a warm glow.

Money saving ideas

Think of buying items before the wedding and give to charities afterwards, and get back the entire price as a tax deduction. Use vases from your own home, or borrow them from another recent bride, to create centerpieces and other arrangements. Consider having h’orderves instead of a sit down dinner – this will save you money on rentals and food, and save you a lot of space.

Hot and Humid weather

Cooling fans are an excellent way to beat the heat, and if you want to go in for something more sophisticated, try for a flash-evaporation system.

Capturing the moments!!

Have someone take lots of photographs. One thing that you could do, that is both inexpensive and rather well, is to put a good camera (either yours or a friend’s) in the hands of a family member who is a good photographer. This can work really well, especially if you have an amateur photographer in your group of friends! If you have the budget, hire a professional instead. Either way, make sure you have someone there to document the whole day!

“Never lose focus of the marriage while planning your wedding”

Happy Beginnings,



Love us some backyard elegance!
Love us some backyard elegance!
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