How to Beat Wedding Planning Burn-Out

How to beat Wedding Planning Burn-Out

Set a wedding-free zone in your house.  Planning a wedding will start off with just a pile of invitations in the living room. Then there are bridal books everywhere, inspiration pictures take over your desktop home screen and it seems your wedding is everywhere. Do you really need a 10×10 wall calendar you have 315 more days until your wedding. My advice, Get rid of it. Take a break and live your life!!

Make out with your partner as often as possible. . Enjoy the state you’re in, kissyour partner like you did when you first started dating, feel those butterflies all over again and remember why you’re getting married in the first place.

OR, plan something else. Know what? Y’all need a vacation. Something small and super budget-friendly that involves cocktails and lots of laughing. Or a party. When’s the last time you threw just a kick butt bashing party? How about that 10k in eight months, why not train for that? Much like anything else, breaking up a large amount of something into smaller chunks makes it much easier to deal with. So yes, your wedding is nearly two years away, but in three months you have that trip to the mountains. And a month later there’s that wine tasting party. And two months after that is your cousin’s wedding and two months after that…you get the idea.

Then next time someone asks you about the wedding, you’ll think, “What wedding?”

Because you’ll be that busy living your life!!!

Happy Beginnings, Mike


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