Hey Lovely Bride To Be Check This Out!

We have compiled a list of do’s & don’ts for you on your wedding day! There is so much planning that goes into your wedding, and a combination of nerves and other mixed feelings might deter yourself away from enjoying one of the most important and memorable days in your life! Take a glance at our list, and remember on your wedding day, enjoy every moment of it!

  • Do~ “Be a guest at your own wedding. Be in the moment the day of. Even though you’ve been anticipating and planning, don’t analyze and fixate on if it’s going according to plan or on what’s coming next. Be present and enjoy the celebration as it comes. That will make the day stick best in your memory and allow you to actually enjoy it and have fun!”
  • Don’t~”…wear too much makeup. We guarantee you will absolutely stunning and gorgeous on your wedding day, and you do not want to constantly be worried about fixing makeup, or makeup running.”
  • Do~ “Hire a GREAT photographer…not good, but great. Even if you keep it simple, there is nothing more worth the expense than beautiful images to share and look back on. These are the pictures that will remind you of this perfect day forever!”
  • Don’t~ “…go overboard splurging on your dress. Especially when you’re going to be the most glowing, stunning woman in the room, no matter WHAT you wear.”
  • Do~ “Make sure you still look and feel like yourself! On your wedding day, you want to enjoy every moment, and you do not have time to be worried about the small things. If you feel wonderful then the rest of the day will be wonderful too!”
  • Don’t~ …put yourself into debt to throw a blowout wedding. Too many couples think they need to wow everyone with a fancy affair and spend money they don’t have to create this ideal ‘fairy-tale’ wedding. Don’t lose sight of the fact of what’s really important in all of the planning: Your commitment to each other and declaring that promise in front of all of your loved ones.”
  • Do~ “Take a day or two to decompress after the wedding hoopla and before your honeymoon to just enjoy each other and get used to being husband and wife before jetting off.”
  • Don’t~ …forget you love your family. There’s going to be drama of some kind — either they’re too involved or not involved enough. Just remember, on the day of the wedding you will be happy to have them there to share this moment with you!”
  • Do~ “Play an UPBEAT song when you walk back down the aisle. After your first kiss — and the applause and cheers from your loved ones — the energy in the room is so exciting that a slow romantic song might feel out of place.”
  • Don’t~ “..be a bridezilla. There is nothing uglier than a stressed-out, grumpy bride. Roll with the punches and try to enjoy every minute of the event even if things don’t go according to plan…because they never do!”
  • Do~ “Make the wedding a weekend. More than half of our guests had to fly in from places all over the country! Give everyone a full weekend to really enjoy ourselves and give yourself enough time to spend with them.”
  • Don’t~ “…freak out if things don’t go as planned. For instance, if your cake doesn’t look quite like it was supposed to, hopefully, it at least tastes good! Just remember, everybody will have an amazing time at your wedding, so relax and enjoy your day.”
  • Do~ “Have an amazing wedding day and enjoy these moments with your closest friends and family! Live in the moment, dance your heart away, and enjoy every last second of it! This is YOUR day!!”

Happy Beginnings,

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