How to Choose a Wedding Florist

Do ya’ll love flowers as much as I do? After you have decided on the wedding venue, you will want to ask the manager about what flowers and decorations are allowed. There are certain factors that will guide your selection of flowers, for example, the size and style of the building, the formality of the wedding, the wedding budget, and venue regulations.

A brides first meeting with the florist is exciting and important, it will be mainly to discuss the general style, feel, look and themeof her vision. Primary items to approach are bridesmaid’s bouquets, the men’s boutonnieres, corsages for the mothers, centerpieces for the reception, and any other decorations that will be needed at the ceremony and reception site.

Keep reading to learn more about the symbolism of flowers and bridal bouquets!!


Different cultures have associated flowers with specific meanings and concepts! Here are a few of our favorites!

  • Baby’s Breath ~ Innocence
  • Bachelors Button ~ Celibacy or hope
  • Buttercup ~ Riches
  • Carnation ~ Pure, deep love
  • Daffodil ~ Regard
  • Forget-Me-Not ~ Remembrance, or true love
  • Gardenia ~ Joy
  • Jasmine ~ Amiability
  • Lily ~ Purity
  • Marigold ~ Sacred affection
  • Mimosa ~ Secret love
  • Orchid ~ Rare beauty
  • Peony ~ Bashfulness
  • Rose ~ Love
  • Violet ~ Modesty
  • White Daisy ~ Innocence
  • White Lily ~ Purity
  • White Rose ~ Worthiness
  • Yellow Tulip ~ Hopeless love

 Bridal Bouquets 

Spray~ The Spray bouquet is a magnificent bouquet that is a cluster of blossoms arranged in a triangular shape.

Cascade~ The Cascade is a tear-shaped arrangement whose blossoms spill gracefully towards the floor.

Nosegay~ A nosegay is round in shape and consists of tightly bound clusters of small flowers.

Crescent~ The crescent is a bowed arrangement, designed for the bride to nestle on one arm.

Hand-tied~ The hand-tied is a simple cluster of long stems, tied together with a ribbon.

Friendly Tips

  • ~Try using different types of lighting in the venue to add drama to the decorations! Pin-spot lighting showcases centerpiece arrangement. Or, you could place twinkling lights among the trees around the reception area! Your florist will always have creative ideas!
  • ~ If you are planning to be married in a church, consider tall altar flowers! Several churches have high ceilings.
  • ~ Important! The corsages for the bride and groom’s mothers should be identical! This is the best way to avoid any feelings of favoritism between the mothers.
  • ~When choosing the wedding day, if your date is set near a major holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Easter, flower arrangements will be more expensive because the florist will be charging more at the peak of demand.
  • If you are having an evening wedding, we suggest using white flowers, because dark colored flowers seemingly get lost in the dim lighting and shadows.
  • Lastly, make sure to have fun when picking out your flowers! The energy and the mood of a wedding are largely dependent on the flower choices. Have fun, pick your favorites, and watch your guest walk in to the wedding in awe!!


Happy Beginnings, Mike


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