FAQ When Planning a Wedding


When to apply for a marriage license:

In South Carolina, there is a 24 hour waiting period for all marriage licenses, so if you’re getting married on a weekend, be sure to sign up for your Charleston Marriage License on a Thursday and it will be ready on Friday!  Please remember if you cannot apply until Friday it will be ready for you the following Monday.

How can I stay on budget?

Staying on budget depends solely on you! If you have a wedding budget, it should be fairly easy to keep your finances on track. Its also a great idea to map out your “Must haves” and “Wants” list, and be completely honest with yourself on both! I would suggest, ceremony and reception sites, catering, bar, photographer, band or d.j., floral and decor, cake and sweet treats

How can I cut wedding costs?

This ties a lot into your budget. Once you have your lists of “Needs” completed , you can go shopping for the best prices in town for everything that checks off your list. This is when having a wedding planner comes in handy, because they usually have a list of ‘preferred vendors’ who have proved reliable, and fair, to whom they can refer you to.

How can I plan for wedding day weather?

This is always a big one for outdoors weddings. If you are having an outdoor wedding, HAVE A RAIN OR INCLIMATE WEATHER PLAN B!!! Go over your rain plan with everyone involved in the wedding party. Consider having a time to make an executive decision to move your ceremony site. There is a lot to think of when rain is looming over your big day, but there is no need to stress if you have a plan!


Happy Beginnings,  Mike


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