Creative Wedding Favors

The wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to show your friends and family your personality as a couple.  Let your personality shine through with the theme of the wedding, style and design and as your guests depart from your event, with your favors. What a lovely way to show each guest your appreciation for them sharing this special day with you.  Why not show your creativity and personal flair!

I’ve seen mints, drink koozies, bags, sandals for the beach, glasses, box matches and countless other keepsakes.  However, most people find they have enough “stuff” so therefore I suggest to couples favors the guests can eat! How about a local southern  favorite bag of Benne Wafer’s or mini bottle of Charleston’s own Firefly Vodka?  We also enjoy the idea of mini bags of grits with a Shrimp and Grits recipe attached as seen by Cru Catering photo below


A big hit that’s fun and interactive are “Candy Bars”.  A table lined with beautifully ornate glassware and jars filled with different candies all in the wedding colors or theme.  Guests love this as they can snack through the event and take some for the trip home!

Seasonal treats are splendid!  For example, if you’re getting married in the fall what better thing to eat than apples; expand that and get creative and you could have hand rolled candied apples!  Each guest will have the chance to create their perfect candied apple.

A table lined with glass jars full of crushed walnuts, m&ms, chocolate chips, fun sprinkles, coconut and more; warm caramel, white chocolate sauce and chocolate fudge simmering, waiting for the dunking.  This is not only creative, but serves as a clever late night dessert station as well!  They can be eaten immediately or wrapped and taken home as a fun memory of the recent event.

Get creative, be clever and your guests will love taking those favors home; and bonus, they’ll be talking about it for years!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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