How to Bustle a Wedding Gown

How to Bustle a Wedding Gown

A grand tradition emerging once again! Bustles are back, longer trains, longer veils, both traditional and illusion gowns. Love it! A few weeks ago,

You’ve finally found it! The dazzling gown of your dreams! Now it’s time to decide what bustle is right for you, your budget, and style of dress? Bustles are made to lift the train of your gown up off the ground. This is typically done between the ceremony and reception so that the gorgeous wedding gown you have chosen does not accidently get ruined or stepped on while celebrating with family, friends, and your one true love!

A Short Over View of Bustles

The Over Bustle

On an Over Bustle the fabric of the train is brought up to mid-level on the outside of the skirt. This is accomplished with either clips or buttons to shorten the train of the gown.  A good seamstress will hide outer holds into the seams or detail work so they are not easily visible to guests. As with most bustles, the amount of fabric is determined by the height of your shoe and the hem.

The Under Bustle or The French Bustle

With an Under Bustle or French Bustle the points to tie up the gown will all be on the under side. This is typically accomplished with 1-5 ribbons or rings either color coded or numbered. Under Bustles require some assistance from the bride. She will need to hold the upper layer(s) of the skirt while her chosen bridal party member tightly ties the ribbons together. Once all the bustles are in place the upper layer(s) of the gown will be let down revealing a gorgeous, traditional billow or ripple effect on the backside of the gown.

The Bubble Bustle

The Bubble Bustle is a newly emerging form of Bustle designed to create a shorter informal version of your gown.In this instance, the loops or string ties are on the bottom hem of the gown creating a bubble effect at the bottom of your gown. It is important to note, that bubble bustles average around 15 ties and are typically the most expensive of the bustle styles.

Remember Not All Bustles are Made Equal!

Assign someone to help bustle your dress on the wedding day. On the last appointment of your alteration, bring up to three trusted companions to learn your gown bustle. Typically this will include the maid of honor, other members of the bridal party, or your wedding planner..

Its important to keep in mind that bustles do not come standard on gowns by the manufacturer or bridal boutique. They will be added per your request by a seamstress once your gown has been selected. Thankfully, most bridal boutiques work directly with trusted seamstresses who will gladly aid in selecting the right bustle type for your gown.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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