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Every woman out there can agree that jewelry and shoes make your outfit “pop”, right ladies?! All brides love to accessorize, and that is ok! It is YOUR day, so why not! Beauty and Romance are two of my favorite things! Today, I have put together an exciting list of the most stunning wedding accessories for every bride. These special touches will add polish, glamour, and style to your bridal gown! To be the most romantic, jaw dropping bride you can be, choose these ideal wedding accessories and wear them with your own white wedding dress (I can guarantee you, there won’t be a stray eye in the room)!


To feel like a princess as you marry, why not wear a sparking, shimmering wedding tiara worthy of royalty? Today’s designs offer old fashioned beauty at a reasonable price! Luckily, rhinestones and cubic zirconium give the look of icy diamonds, without the sticker shock! Indulge by placing a glamorous tiara upon your head, trust me, you will look stunningly amazing!!

Don’t worry ladies, just because you are wearing a tiara, does not mean you will not be able to choose from plenty of hairstyle options for you wedding day. My advice, buy your tiara early on, and spend some time experimenting with different looks! Work with your hair stylist to find the perfect hairstyle to match with your white wedding dress and headpiece. No matter what, I can promise you will look gorgeous on your big day!


Lets move on to talk about, any woman’s favorite subject, and that is shoes!!! The perfect wedding shoes offer comfort, sleek, satiny fabric, and total coordination with your gown, veil, tiara, bridal rings, and other wedding accessories. You’ll feel like Cinderella with her glass slipper as you find the perfect choice for your own outfit.

Today’s hottest designs offer fashion-conscious embellishments that add an extra shot of beauty to traditional sling back or sandal styles – crystals and pleating are popular details that make the prettiest wedding shoes stand out. We all know, that shoes aren’t just for walking, they are a fashion statement with any outfit, and on your wedding day, when you slip into your reception dress and dance the night away, people will be in awe with the beauty of your shoes!

If you’re tall, or averse to wearing high heels, you can even enjoy a feminine ballet slipper in pure white! This day is all about you my lovely brides, and we want you to feel comfortable and gorgeous on your day!

Whatever you choose, make sure you go all out! When you’re at the bridal shop, make sure you remember that you will keep these precious shoes forever, and treasure them for years to come! Some brides opt for a little shot of color in their wedding shoes – pale pastels won’t stand out too much, so these shades are quite appropriate with pure white wedding dresses. Silver and gold metallic styles also compliment any type of wedding gown – and Carrie from Sex and the City would definitely approve!!!

Many women compromise when it comes to wedding accessories, and then feel sad when their outfit doesn’t quite measure up. Don’t deprive yourself of the right accessories for your wedding – you deserve to make your dreams come true. Wedding dresses are major purchases and they represent a significant investment – therefore, they must be balanced with the correct accessories! We want you to feel your most glamorous self on your wedding day!

Every bride wants fairytale romance – and every bride-to-be deserves to feel special on her big day. When you plan carefully and choose the headpiece, shoes, and other accessories of your dreams, you will be happier, more confident and more beautiful! Your wedding photos will become treasured keepsakes that evoke the most romantic memories ever! Whether you love low key elegance or wild, trendy styles, you will be the bride you have always dreamed you would be!

Happy Beginnings! Mike

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