Benefits of Working With a Wedding Planner

Question: Do I really need a wedding consultant?

Answer: YES!!!

A wedding consultant is an expert in the wedding planning process. They have all the resources that couples need to find exactly what you want to make your special day the very best it can be.

You may want to consider hiring a planner if…

You can’t spare at least 12 hours per week to do the job yourself – and twice that much time as the wedding date draws near. (It takes an average of 750 hours to plan and execute a wedding, from start to finish.)

• You want to invite more than 100 guests.

• You’re planning a destination wedding.”

This is the celebration that will send you into a brand new life together as husband and wife, so why not start it out in the best way possible. The best time to hire a wedding planner is as soon as the thought enters your mind. 

A tried and true way to find a reputable planner is to ask other wedding specialists in the area to share their experience working with them. Never be afraid to ask for a few referrals;

Look for a full-time wedding planner, not someone who just dabbles in the biz for fun. When interviewing a potential wedding planner best to ask if they will be the planner they’ll be working with from beginning to end. Ask for a list of past and present couples to share their experience with you.

FYI-  Just because a planner is not listed on a venue’s preferred vendors list does not mean that they cannot work there. Read the fine print, venues created those lists as a guideline not as an exclusivity list.  

Remember that this is a huge decision as you will be sharing your personal interests, trust, and finances with a person that will have a great deal of control (with your approval) over how things will flow for your special day. If you are shopping online and cannot meet with a wedding planner in person right away it’s ok, that’s where the referrals come into play. Please make sure to follow up on them by personally speaking with each referral.

Happy Beginnings! Mike

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