How To Personalize Your Wedding Day

New York City destination couple hosted their Charleston S.C. wedding that I had the honor of acting as Wedding Planner at the breathtaking Legare Waring House. Courtney and John being school teachers designed their own personalized table seating assignments using a library card catalog with personalized scrabble name place cards and classic love story books as centerpieces. Our peeps at Aaron and Jillian captured these special moments.


1 “Choose a venue that feels like you, whether it already has things incorporated or not. You don’t want to pick a place that absolutely doesn’t look like you. You gotta get somewhere close to your own personal style.”

2 “Write your own Vows. Take pen to paper and write straight from the heart. Have someone who is near and dear to you do a reading—perhaps a special love poem—or sing an aria from a favorite opera.”

3 “Start with the tabletop. Personalizing the look of the wedding can be as easy as adding an overlay of fabric over the basic table cloth that’s already provided. And decorate each napkin, whether it’s adding a sprig of rosemary or a fun little note that you can put on the tables.”

4 “Create your own table numbers instead of using the plastic table numbers that come with every catering facility.”

5 “Have fun with the way you word your menu card, instead of having it say, ‘In honor of,’ you could say ‘Let’s eat!’ or something fun like that.”

6 “Create a signature cocktail. Now more than ever, people are into the whole cocktail experience. Skies the limit, whatever reflects your own style.”

7 Feel free to indulge with an ice-cream bar stocked with your favorite flavors.This wedding planners favorite!

8 Summer ceremony? Have your wedding programs printed on paper fans.

9 Ask your videographer to set up a stationary camera and let guest’s record messages: It’s a video guest book!

Remember it’s your day and it can be everything and more then you ever imagined. Be honest, creative and as always “Enjoy the ride”

Happy Beginnings,


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