Questions to Ask a Marriage Celebrant

These days there are so many marriage celebrants to choose from that picking just one can seem like a daunting task. By asking the right questions and a doing a little research, you should have no trouble in finding the perfect marriage celebrant for you and your fiance. Ideally, you should meet with any potential marriage celebrants with both you and your fiance to see how well you get along. This is the person who is going to marry you, take charge of your wedding ceremony, so you need at the very least, to feel comfortable with them. Before meeting with any potential celebrants, find out of if the first meeting will cost you anything. Some celebrants change an initial consultation fee which is refundable if hired, whilst others may offer a free no obligation first meeting. Ideally a couple should be able to see a video of the celebrant in practice so that you are happy with their delivery style.

Important Questions to Ask a Marriage Celebrant • How many ceremonies do you generally conduct on one day? • What are your qualifications? • How long have you been a celebrant for? • Do you have any testimonials? • Are travel fees included in pricing? • Do you supply your own PA system? This is 1st hand advice coming from a Charleston SC wedding planner and officiant.Remember, you do not need to hire the first celebrant that you meet and you do not need to feel obliged to hire someone on the spot. Having said that, if you find a celebrant that you really click with, try not to dwell on the decision for too long, as good celebrants tend to be booked early.

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