7 Ways to WOW Your Wedding Guests!

Sarah and Patrick's Grand Departure www.reesemooreweddings.com
Sarah and Patrick’s Grand Departure www.reesemooreweddings.com








1.The Venue

Everyone enjoys a reception that is taking place at a gorgeous location. Obviously the venue will be  a direct extension of your taste and style.Choose a location that  fits your personality and budget and style. Many of the following venues need little decor as they are quite lovely in their own environment.  How about a  Museum, Art Gallery, Country Farm, Winery, Lake,  or Beach side location? 

2.The Dress

How about purchasing a less extravagant gown for the wedding and slipping  into a different dress for your reception, full of color and flair to  dance the night away in comfort and style.

3. Entertainment

Your guests will love to be entertained by appropriately-themed dancers or artists on your wedding day. If you’re having a beach or Caribbean style wedding, add some steel tin drummers or flamenco dancers. Those of a Celtic heritage can include some Irish dancers to showcase their heritage. What ever y’all can do to personalize your wedding day will be a big hit .

4.The First Dance

How about beginning your first dance song , soft and  and then half way through it bust into a rehearsed swing dance!

5. Cocktails

Signature cocktails are a way to personalize your taste and style. How about pairing your passed and displayed appetizers with a wine tasting bar hosted by a wine  sommelier to educate and wow your guests.

6. Dessert

Everyone loves wedding cake, but these days mini one bite sweet treats are couples and guests #1 choice! Have your local pastry chef whip up some mini sweet treats like key lime pie bites,pecan pies, chocolate truffles, shot glasses filled with banana pudding and wafers and chocolate mousse topped with a fresh berries. Oh behave!!

7.Going out with a bang!  

What better way to close up a night of wedded bliss than fireworks? Alternatively you can choose to use a confetti canon as a less expensive alternative. Especially if you are creating your own fireworks later that evening!

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