Four Seasons of Wedding Planning Colors

How the Four Seasons can have an impact on your wedding planning colors


Spring is about freshness!!! Fresh natural colors like yellows, greens, blue and pink are my favorites. I’m all about what local and vibrant.


What comes to mind? Fun and Festive! Consider if you wedding is indoor or outdoors. Indoor venues are more conservative and follow one tone, so we suggest pulling in all those vibrant bright colors that Mother Nature provides us. Outdoors gives us the opportunity to use the surrounding beauty of nature and lends itself to what is in bloom and flourishing! Sometimes in this case, less is more


Now for example, Charleston’s autumn, go as quick as they come. Our summers last so long here in Charleston SC __Link that all the above could come into play. Now for your Northerners, that’s a different story. With the transition from summer brings, orange, brown and red color schemes.


Wintertime anywhere is a great opportunity to incorporate lighting. Candles are a wonderful way to replace (Not Totally) floral. My advice, Fire and Ice. Shades of red, white, light blue and silver are simply elegant and timeless.

Not Crazy about the 4 Seasons idea for inspiration? No biggie because it’s all about you and your vision.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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