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10 Fresh Style Ideas for Wedding Decor

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024.0"] www.Redshutterstudio.com [/caption] 1. Choose your color palette and play it out The elegant bride: A black and white. If this sounds like you, go for it. You might even let your bridesmaids choose their own little black dressFun and festive: If you picture a fun, lively, casual affair, consider hot pink, orange,…
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7 Ways to WOW Your Wedding Guests!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="675.0"] Sarah and Patrick's Grand Departure www.reesemooreweddings.com[/caption]        1.The VenueEveryone enjoys a reception that is taking place at a gorgeous location. Obviously the venue will be  a direct extension of your taste and style.Choose a location that  fits your personality and budget and style. Many of the following venues need little decor as they…
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How to Turn Your Backyard into your Wedding Venue

 “ You can have anything from a luxury wedding to a simple ceremony with friends, in the comfort of your own property. You can save loads of money and call all the shots without having to worry about what time vendors can get in to set up and what time you have to end. Having…
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Wedding Inspiration Time Capsule

 Remember creating a time capsule box when you were a kid? Into the box went certain objects, articles, memorabilia- whatever happened to represent your life or current world events at that time. Then, the idea was to open the box or envelope at some pre-arranged time in the future so that you could hem, haw,…
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